When my daughter told me she wanted to be Ariel for Halloween I just couldn’t take it. Every year she wanted to be some sort of princess, so this year, I decided to do some research and find her a better homemade costume. I found a picture of a little girl dressed as Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and looked around the house to see what I could find. When I told her who she was going to be, she asked “is that a boy or a girl?” and “is she pretty”.

So now I have my prerequisites for her future costumes.  I grabbed a little black dress from my closet and pinned in in the back to make it fit her. I grabbed a crown from her dress up kit, my big black sunglasses, pearls from my fake jewelry collection and her little black maryjanes. The only thing I ended up buying was the long black gloves for to fit a child at $4.99. I pinned her hair up into a bun and she was all set. She actually came in 3rd place (out of 170+ kids) at the sesame costume contest and everyone we walked by in the park was amazed at how adorable she was.