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Bonnie’s Crazy Minion Dog Costume

Bonnie is dressed as a minion from the movie Despicable Me. When I first watched the movie with my family, all I could think of was: A minion outfit would be a great idea for Halloween! Since, I might look a little silly dressing myself up as one and I couldn’t convince any of the younger members of my family to do so, I decided to hand-make a costume for my dog Bonnie. Thinking that making a dog costume with no experience sewing was going to be easy, I went ahead with my costume design. I then realized that gluing all of the fabric together was not going to hold up. (The first attempt at a photo shoot outside ended with Bonnie chasing after a cat and tearing her costume into a million pieces. Okay, so maybe a bit of exaggeration there, but you get my point: IT WAS NOT FUN!) All of my hard work (20 minutes of gluing and then being too impatient to let the glue fully dry) went completely to waste. My family took pity on me and offered to buy me one of those generic princess dog costumes at the store. They looked at me like I should be in a nut house and tried to talk to me like in one of those rehearsed speeches you see in weird pamphlets at the hospital. I was so insulted that I ran out to my car (with no real plan in mind, I might add. I just felt like making a dramatic exit.) and drove around a bit until I saw that my neighbor had a tag sale going on. A brilliant idea hit me! I could use baby clothes to dress up my baby (I’m talking about my dog here. I’m not stating an obvious fact to use baby clothes on babies. I’m not crazy people! Sheesh!). I immediately started rummaging through the bins of baby clothes, with a mad desire to find the perfect pieces and not really worrying about folding the clothes back up. I guess in my madness, I also forgot to ask if the tag sale was still open. My kind neighbor lady politely informed me, after I just absentmindedly chucked some stained baby leggings at her feet, that the tag sale closed a half hour ago, but that I was welcome to take anything I wanted for free. This saintly woman just made my day! Taking advantage of this offer, I snatched up anything that may even have just a sliver of usefulness for my costume. When I brought my goods home, I cut up and put the pieces together (using safety pins this time! Aren’t I super smart!?) and made a cute little hat to go with the outfit. Being super pleased, I tried another photo shoot with my dog, inside this time. And OH MY GOSH! That dog would not sit still! I kept waving a treat in front of the camera, but apparently there was something more interesting in any direction but the camera! I took a total of, like, 100 pictures and only two were actually usable. Being really tired at the end of the day (you must think I have a lot of time on m hands. Don’t judge me!), I uploaded the pictures to the computer as my family started to walk by and commented on how cute Bonnie looked. I have to admit, at that point I wasn’t very humble, and was very smug at my accomplishment of snapping these two good pictures. (What? They were being totally rude to me earlier!) They convinced me to enter it in some contests, and so, here I am: Writing probably a way too long prompt and you’re probably thinking: Is this lady done yet? Just about. Well, actually I am done. There really isn’t anything else to say except I’ll be super happy if I win and, just to warn you, will probably rub it in my family’s face if I do. Hehe…

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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