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Bonnie and Clyde Couple Costume: The Final Showdown

This was our first year married so we HAD to do a couple costume. After throwing around some ideas, we thought Bonnie and Clyde would be fun and not too expensive. But instead of going for the classic look, we’d portray them after they had their final run in with police.

We went to local thrift stores and found Clyde’s 3-piece suit and Bonnie’s entire ensemble. We bought the wig, hat, and guns at costume stores. I wanted her shirt to be yellow but couldn’t find the right one so I bought a white one and dyed it. Helpful fact: when the dye package tells you to wear gloves, believe it. I barely stuck my hand in there for a second and it looked like it was jaundiced for about a week.

Then came the fun part. Fake bullet holes are expensive at costume stores so I made them out of glue. Just make a lot of little disks, then layer them and paint them. Those were stuck on our skin with Spirit Gum. All of the bullet holes on the clothes were made with puffy paint. It really made them stand out and, from far away, people were really confused about how we did it. I then made the blood on our skin from corn syrup, cocoa, and red food coloring. Once you put that over the glue bullet holes, we didn’t even need to blend anything in with makeup like you would have to of store bought holes. The blood lasted all night and even got crusty, like how I imagine real blood would get.

The final touches were our money bags. I bought some cheap linen bags on Amazon and painted a money sign. Then I got fake money from a craft store and sliced the bags up and stuck money out of them. These then doubled as my purse for the night and were an easy way to hold a second pair of shoes when the high heeled boots were too much to bear. We had six bags but only used four so we cut them down the middle and they fit our pugs perfectly. Of course, the pugs stole the show… and they didn’t even put any work into this Bonnie and Clyde couple costume.

The best part was that, in a night filled with sexy deer and Rocky Horror characters,  we were the only Bonnie & Clyde we saw in downtown Wilmington.

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