My best friend and I have been friends for almost 18 years and we had never celebrated Halloween together in our adult lives!! So after buying my first house in April the first thing we did was grab the wine and computer and searched for sexy ideas. There were so many good ideas it was hard to choose from, Ninja turtles, Thing One Thing Two, we even considered Star Wars favorites, R2D2 and CP3O. Then we stumbled across a picture of two girls sporting Mario and Luigi. Store bought costumes with store bought accessories, captioned “it was easier to buy than make”. Challenge accepted!

Little did we know this was harder then it looks. Now you have to understand we live 2 hours apart, one in school FT and one working FT and PT jobs, so planning wasn’t easy. We had to text each other pictures of ideas and text $ amounts, preplan shopping trips so we could converse over phone while searching for items. What we needed was jean shorts, mustaches, red/green shirts, suspenders  and hats. We wanted this is be a sexy costume seeing as were getting on in our years and this might be our last chance before gravity hits!

So we decided to go with the Selena look, SEQUINED BRAS! This however turned out to be a great challenge.  First off finding red and green bras was next to impossible. Out of 20 craft and sewing stores I finally found the two right color of sequins that had been sewn to elastics or strings, (in different stores might I add). Finding jean shorts in October was also a headache and eventually just gave in and dished out $40 for fox shorts. Our best find was the suspenders,  $5 for mustache suspenders,  YES that’s right mustache! After nickle and dimming the rest of our costume we finally had all the pieces.

The day had arrived for us to create our master pieces. I was supposed to drive down to my BF’s, her town had better bars, but of course living in BC it started to rain. Not just a sprinkle, a torrential down pour! We have to stand in line outside to get into a bar?? No way was this happening. We didn’t spend all this time scavenging to have it ruined by mother nature. So we quickly made calls and found a group of friends hosting about half an hour outside of my town.

So in a rushed panic I drove two hours to pick her up, grab some new makeup and drive back to my place to prepare. My best memory of this was my BF frantically trying to sew the sequins onto her bra while driving back to my house. Needles and thread all knotted together getting stuck to the car seat! Trying to hold the thread from noting while navigating my car, so we wouldn’t have to pull over! Only we would be this challenged!

Finally we made it back to my house. Since we were no longer going to a bar full of strangers we decided the straight Selena was not quite appropriate. So we grabbed our shirts cut off the bottoms and cut V’s in the front so all that work with the sequins didn’t go to waste! We were ready to make our debut! We looked fantastic! When we walked you could hear the jaws hitting the floor! We got compliments all night both on the creativity and appearance! We had a great night and cant wait for next! Can you say X-men??