The Birds Costume for a Girl

I’m always looking for unique costume ideas for my kids because the thought of the same old plastic, cheaply made store bought ones give me the willies. So when my daughter wanted to be something scary but not too terrifying I went for one of the characters for the movie “The Birds”. This costume cost under $10…

Supplies needed:

  • Old pants suit or shirt/jacket combo (I went to Goodwill and purchased one for $3.95…it was a women’s size small but had to be altered to fit my lil one…)
  • One blonde wig… You can find those about anywhere around Halloween time… Walmart is probably the cheapest.
  • Black birds… I found these at The Dollar Tree and they worked perfect.
  • And lastly some fake blood capsules… I didn’t use a lot of blood just enough around her head and hands to make it look like she was getting pecked.

This was a great costume and more people than expected knew who she was.  I had alot of compliments about the costume and that it was nice to see something different… Good luck :)

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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