The Best Willy Wonka Costume from Scratch

My son Finley has awesome crazy curly hair, and the funnest most loving personality. One day while he was playing around, I looked at him and I thought he looked just like Gene Wilder. So of course he had to be Willy Wonka for Halloween!

I found a white top hat, spray painted it brown, I also added ribbon and glued foam inside to fit his head.

The jacket came from a jacket from a Joker costume, I had to hem the length every where and take it in a ton to fit better. I hemmed the sleeves and added purple trim to cover the stitches, which were sewn by hand. I had to take the seam out of the back and take it in about two inches and since I don’t have a sewing machine, I used a no-sew iron on seam strip which turned out great and just sewed the top and bottom edges so it wouldn’t pull apart.

I also added dark purple trim along the collar and the cuffs. I used a double sided permanent tape to add the dark purple trim along the collar and the cuffs.

His bow tie came from a girls hair bow that I glued to a clip. His vest was a girls shirt that I luckily came across at the mall and then just a white button up shirt with khaki pants.

The hardest but most rewarding part was the jacket. I basically had to take it all apart and put it back together, but I think it turned out great. As an added bonus, his little brother is an Oompa Loompa, not homemade though.

As soon as I sent out the pictures, all of my friends and family went crazy and couldn’t stop talking about them. I can’t stop staring at their pictures either! I am very proud of the costume I pulled together and custom made for my son. He loves it and always wants to look in the mirror with it on.

This costume is so cute I just have to brag and spread it around as much as I can!

The Best Willy Wonka Costume from Scratch

The Best Willy Wonka Costume from Scratch

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