Best Potato Head Costumes Ever

I am known for my sewing and always doing something crazy. I wanted something unique for my sons so I decided to make them Mr. potato head. I used foam backEd fabric and made the shells and then I used craft phone to make all the parts. The parts connected with Velcro and on their behinds they had a pouch that they could put their pieces in. I then I made them little ball caps and shoe covers. The costumes were a hit and still to this day this is one of my favorite pictures of my kids.

The costumes were the talk of the town. The cost was minimal and the boys got to pick what type of pieces they would have. As you can tell from the picture one of my sons wanted to be a fireman Mr. potato head.

Definitely a costume worth the time to make. It’s unique. It can be customized for any personality and any occasion.

I started by cutting the shape of their body out and on newspaper. I’ve been rounded it and put elastic at the neck and the bottom so that it would hug up to them but still be round like a potato.  The phone backed fabric hell that shape. I was lucky in that I found the fabric on the clearance table at the local fabric store. I bought the craft foam at the local craft store. I bought large seat so that I could make bigger pieces like the mouth and I made patterns on newspaper of the Mr. potato head pieces so that they each had the original parts and then I made some up by what they wanted.

Feel free to contact me if you want any more specifics.  I just found out at work we’re going to be doing a movie themes I will be making Mr. potato head for myself. Hope you enjoy the picture as much as I enjoyed making the costumes. My boys are now 20, 23 and 24 and I will tell you they still talk about these costumes.