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The Best Homemade Candy Crush Costume

My family and I love Halloween, we love to make our own costumes. This year my daughter was a little undecided of what to be. One day while playing one of our favorite games, Candy Crush, we thought – what about Tiffie?- the character from our most played game. We had to think of something creative to make her come alive.

First we studied the game to find out what the characters and the game-board looked like and then we put our imaginations to use. I went to our local thrift store in search of a fluffy pink dress. I found a pink one with puffy sleeves similar to Tiffie. I bought foam board, colored construction paper, glue, and glitter. We choose a level on the game to be consistent with the background on the game-board. My daughter and I cut out candy shaped pieces to glue on the board. We drew and colored some of the other characters and pasted them to the board along with the candy pieces. We added a level and a score and the Candy Crush logo in glittered letters across the top. This took a couple of hours to make.

Next was Tiffie. We did small alterations to the dress to fit my daughter better. I attached a string to the board to hang like a sign around her neck, and made her hands-free. I styled her hair in pig tails and used yellow Halloween hairspray  to color her hair and added a big red bow on the top. I put pink circles on her cheeks and added pink lip gloss. I finished her costume with her long striped socks and black flats.

This costume cost under $10 to make and was pretty easy. We received a lot of compliments at the costume contest she entered. And yes, she won 1st place for ‘Most Creative’!

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