Best Ever “Where the Wild Things Are” Costumes for Preschoolers

Best Ever “Where the Wild Things Are” Costumes

My two year old grandson, Silas, recently developed a love for the book “Where the Wild Things Are”.  Whenever his mom returned the book to the library, he would pick it up again to put in the pile to check out again.  We decided that he really needed to be “Max” for Halloween.  His 9-month-old sister would be one of the Wild Things, in a miniature version.

I went to garage sales to see what I could find that would help with my costume design.  I found a pair of pajamas that were white, with bunny ears and pink chest that would become the foundation of the costume, even if it was a couple of sizes too big.  I sew quite a lot, and have other pieces of fabric in my stash that I was able to supplement the white pajamas.  I checked the book out of my library and went to work!  I took off the pink from inside the ears and the front of the costume and replaced it with white fur.  I decided the fur would be too hard to zip through, so I lined the fur, sewed in snaps, and placed large buttons on the outside.  I made a long, full tail out of brownish/tan fake fur and sewed it into the back of the pajamas, taking up about three inches of the extra size.  Then I make the crown from gold metallic fabric, using heavy interfacing so it would stand up, and Velcro to fasten, to make it adjustable.

On my garage sale run, I had come across an orange short-sleeved sweatshirt.  I used it as the basis for the upper part of the wild thing costume, cutting out the front and back.  I used the back of a yellow t-shirt that is heading for a t-shirt quilt this Christmas to make stripes for the shirt.  I made stretch pants out of a white t-shirt and drew the scales on with a black permanent marker.  For the monster head, the most challenging part, I used a pattern that our church ladies made last Christmas to make animal hats for children.  I actually made two hats – one of black fur with the horns sewn into the top, and one of orange sweatshirt fabric for the face.  I used remnants to fashion the eyes, teeth and bulbous nose, and then sewed the two hats together with some stuffing in between.

When Silas saw the wild thing costume for the first time, he was sort of afraid, but after his parents read the book again and made the connection, he thought it was pretty fun.  He loved being Max.  The first night after I mailed the costumes to them, his parents were going out for the evening and let Silas wear the costume for a time.  His babysitter said he acted just like Max in his wolf costume, just like a “wild thing”.  Thankfully he didn’t get sent to bed without any supper!

Best Ever "Where the Wild Things Are" Costumes for Preschoolers