Best Catdog Costume Ever!

My grandma and I made this costume together! We made dresses and put stuffing in a long bag, and then wrapped it in material. We sewed on straps like a backpack so that it was easy to take the body off if we needed to. We used a clown nose and painted it blue for dog’s nose, and we also used some foam stuff we had lying around to make cat’s nose out of.  It was a very long process to make since we actually made the dresses and everything! We started making the costume in August!

The reactions we got to our costume were priceless. We walked around downtown Nashville in it all day! At least 20 people stopped us to take a picture of us.

If we walked by a restaurant, literally everyone would turn and look at us. People who were driving by would roll down their windows and yell “catdog!” We had such a great time. People even recognized us later that day from seeing us walking around during the day. Some people didn’t get what we were and guessed that we were a giraffe or cheese. But besides that almost everyone knew that we were Catdog! We said that if we were ever famous, this is what it would feel like!

We entered in a costume contest on Halloween night, but we didn’t even place. They had one judge walking around to pick the contestants that would go on stage to be picked by the crowd, but I don’t think he even saw us. It was a busy place and we were walking around talking to everyone! I think we were the crown favorite.

We met so many people and had so much fun! People would always ask what happened if one of us had to go to the bathroom! I guess we tricked them with the backpack body, it really looked like we were stuck together! Being Catdog was definitely the most fun costume I have ever had!