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Best Beer Bottle Costume for College Girls

Talk about some tedious work, but well worth it.  I had to start by striping down and taping a trash bag to myself.  Lets be honest, duct tape stuck to our bodies… not pleasant.  We than began the exciting taping extravegenza, by using lime green and silver duct tape.  This took about an hour to finish it, and mking sure I could still breath by the end was very important.  Then it was required that I went and fetched some Bud Light Limes so I could use the box for my costume, not that I needed a refreshment ;) After taping on the box to my front, I “dumped out” two bottles so I could make some earrings out of the bottle caps and paper clips.  Add a lovely green bow to my hair and some white flip flops and you have a beautiful Bud Light Lime Bottle.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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