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Coolest Homemade Beer Costume Idea for Halloween

For this beer costume I took some wire to form the bottle neck and then used newspapers and starch. I dipped the newspaper into the starch and layered it all around the form of my wire to keep the wire sturdy.

After it dried, I took 1 yard of material, wrapped it around the neck of the bottle and cut a hole for where my face would go. I then draped about 3 yards of material around the bottle part and sewed the top and bottom together.

For the writing on the beer bottle I bought a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft from the store and soaked it in water to loosen the labels on it. I peeled the labels off the bottle and scanned them onto the computer (you could also probably find relevant pictures on the internet).

I enlarged them and edited them to how I wanted them to look and then printed the labels out.

Beer Costume

I used double-face tape to put the label on the material. I then used card stock paper to make the beer costume bottle cap. I cut a circle to fit the top of the cap and then cut one to two inch strips of card stock and folded them back and forth (similar to when you would make a fan). I used double-face tape to put the edge of the bottle cap on and used paint to paint the edge of the bottle cap. This turned out to be a great costume.

Total spent: $20

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