I decided I wanted to be Ursula for Halloween this year. I am an idea girl and not a seamstress, so I had to enlist my talented mother to sew for me. She’s able to take my words and terrible drawings and create my visions.

We did a simple extra long tube dress out of shiny, black, rubberized spandex to make it look more like fish/octopus skin. She slit the skirt into 6 “tentacles” and sewed the AHHH-MAZING sequined fabric to the underside. We just used poly-fill stuffing to fill the tentacles and then flipped them up and sewed them to the skirt. We were going to make them poseable with wiring, but couldn’t find something heavy enough to support the tentacle. Since I live in Seattle, and Halloweens are usually rainy and cold, we made a slinky shrug to cover my shoulders and arms. I made the shell necklace out of clay and painted it gold.

I didn’t want to paint myself purple, so I just went with full on heavy makeup – a la drag queen style – and giant fake lashes. I used white hair spray paint on my hair.

I had so much fun and had people squeezing my tentacles all night and actually won the “Staff Choice” award at the contest we went to.