My 5 year old daughter loves princesses and accessories.  We decided together to go a different route since every other little girl will be in a Disney inspired costume. After looking at tons and tons of pictures, she settled on Marie Antoinette.  We wanted to keep it clean since she is only 5.

I am an advanced beginner at sewing.  I searched for days before finding a pattern I could use to make this dress.  I scored a great deal on clearance home dec fabric.  The hat was purchased at a thrift store and the embellishments were added by me from supplies I had.  I hacked up the crinoline I wore under my wedding dress to give it extra poof!  Her other accessories were purchased to complement the dress.

This costume was a show stopper.  Even dad’s were telling me how awesome and beautiful she was.  Each year I try to out do myself, but this one will be hard to top.