I have wanted to be Wonder Woman since I was a little girl, finally I decided it was time but I did not like any of the cheesy costumes sold at costume shops so I set out to make my own. I pulled photos off the internet for inspiration and went to the fabric store to purchase what I needed: red, white, and blue satin for the cape, gold for the eagle emblem, and tons of stars.

Using photos of Linda Carter’s costume, I started with the cape (not everyone likes Wonderwoman with the cape but was not missing the chance to have a grownup cape).  On the inside, half of the cape is red and the other half alternates white and blue with a red panel on the end. The outside is patterned the same as the inside but is adorned with over 100 strategically placed stars to be as close to the original cape as possible.

The bottoms are cheerleading spanky pants with approximately 40 starts sewn on. The bodice is a red corset with a gold fabric eagle cut out and placed. The costume is complete with a gold tiara, belt, lasso and silver writs cuffs.

The first year I could not locate boots with the white stripe but was able to get them for the second year. Too bad I could not make an invisible jet to complete the costume (or did I and you just can not see it!)