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Beautiful Homemade Unicorn Costume

I made the horn out of very lightweight clay made by Martha Stewart brand from Ben Franklin crafts. I let it air dry for a few days before painting an irridesant white color and before the paint dried I wrapped a sparkly thin gold ribbon around the horn. I cut a small hole in a fuzzy headband and pushed the horn through it. It stayed perfectly in position that way. I bought two lavendar colored wigs when the were on sale and attached them together. One wig was just not full enough. I bought a cheap set of rabbit ears and folded them down. I bought a white flowy dress from the thrift store and gathered the front of the dress up. I wore white leggings and white ballet shoes. I made white furry leg warmers and wrist bands. I also wore white gloves. I bought a childs pink and lavendar feather boa to use as the tail. I wore white feather eyelashes and painted my face pale white. I used glitter all over my face and lavendar eye shadow and eyeliner glitter.

I got a lot of great comments on the costume and was asked many times if my picture could be taken.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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