Beautiful and Easy Rapunzel Costume

I decided to be Rapunzel for Halloween because I have really long hair. I found the corset randomly on a website and I thought it was perfect for Rapunzel. I made the tutu myself by using a ribbon and tying tulle around it. Since I had two colors, I tied two purple colored tulle to every pink colored tulle. I got the tulle from a local fabric store, and the two colors I picked matched perfectly so I was very happy. For my hair I just braided it and put little fake flowers in it.

The tutu was very easy; it just took me about two hours total to make it. The pink tulle had glitter so I left glitter everywhere I went, which was annoying at times. There is actually still a ton of glitter in the chair where I made it and it gets on everyone’s butt when they sit on it.

I had a lot of good reactions once everyone knew who I was. A lot of people hadn’t seen the new Tangled movie about Rapunzel so they didn’t understand the flowers in my braid.

Overall, it was a hit!