Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday) Costume

Baron Samedi is one of the folkloric spirits (Loa) from Hatiain Voodoo. While Baron Samedi is associated with cemeteries, death, magic, and resurrection. According to Voodoo folklore, Baron Samedi serves as the Grim Reaper – the spirit responsible for accepting a spirit into the dead. He is also known as being extremely charming and witty, but also drunken (he likes Rum and tobacco), disruptive, and down right onry. In other words, perfect for a Halloween party!

I came up with this costume because in San Francisco every year there is a kickin’ event known as the “Zombie Ball” in which a club is transformed into a crypt and all the attendees are zobmified. I knew I wanted to wear my tuxedo b/c I never wear it and if you can’t wear a tux on Halloween then when can you? In any case, I had the tux and I have been fascinated with Voodoo for quite some time.

With the tux in place, I had to transform my alive self into something undead with a bit of powerder, lipstick, eyeliner, and a top hat. The top hat was the only thing I had to purchase for $5 at a local kiddie Halloween store. Because everyone else at the event was also zombied out, my costume didn’t particularly get any notice until I had the occasion to explain who I had become. I mostly got eye rolling b/c while I’m sassy in my ordinary life, no one who knows me would associate me with this kind of character.