For Barbie, The Island Princess…my daughter has a Rosella Barbie doll that was inspired from the movie “Barbie, The Island Princess”.  I started by using the doll as my guide to how I wanted the dress and the feather fan to look. I took a formal dress pattern and modified it to look exactly like Rosella’s ball gown in the movie.  I then cut a fan shape out of cardboard and hot glued fabric to give it texture. Then I hot glued on glitter peacock feathers and feather boas to complete the look.

To attach the fan to the dress I cut holes in the back of the fan and ran a belt thru it to secure it to my daughter’s waist.  To finish I attached a piece of velcro to the fan of feathers and the back of the dress to stabilize it.  My daughter loved wearing it and people were impressed that I can created it from my own design!  My daughter loved wearing it and showing it off to her friends.

For the Prickly Porcupine…..I started by creating a cape that I hot glued foam quills to. The porcupine hat was created by gluing fur to an child’s army helmet and then gluing quills to the fur on the helmet.  This costume got rave reviews by everyone that saw it.  My son told people to be careful he had sharp quills.  People loved it when we went trick or treating!