Hi, thanks for reading. I desired a costume idea that had to meet the following criteria: (1) be creative/original, meaning I haven’t seen someone else execute the idea, (2) be something vintage/old, (3) be challenging to execute, and (4) be possible to execute with only Duct Tape and reclaimed cardboard.

While I jammed out to three Halloween stations on Pandora during execution, I spent an approximate total time of 36 hours on pondering, planning, measuring, cutting, and taping numerous pieces together. While measuring is vital, I believe most of my execution successfully relies on my “feel” for what’s best when considering the desire end-result, including the unknown variables. For example, I didn’t have a clear vision on how I’d “wear” the costume. Meaning I didn’t know for sure where my face/head would need to be. I sensed it’d be in one of three locations, but I knew I should focus on the quality of the costume first and then think of where my head would be located. Fortunately, it all worked out well in the end.

I used three rolls of silver Duct Tape; however, one of the rolls was heavy-duty stickiness. I believe it’s important when connecting numerous pieces of cardboard together for strength. Similar to cardboard, the more you use, the stronger the collective strength. Then I used two rolls of black tape and two rolls of white, too. The text on the buttons was made via a green Sharpie. Also, the power button on the control panel was white tape that I colored with a red Sharpie, as I didn’t want to purchase a red roll of tape just for that little surface area. Overall, this costume is simply made with duct tape and reclaimed cardboard. In the end, I spent only $38 on materials (tape), and completed the costume in 36 hours.

Several people commented that I have way too much time on my hands. That opinion has a negative connotation, but I am proud to spend time, energy, and finances on creative endeavors that are worthwhile for my talents and interest. Hooray!