The engineer in me decided to make a transforming costume for my office costume contest a few years ago. I got the idea for this awesome Transforming Ferrari costume that really transforms from the series of Transformer movies that were in theaters. I made the costume out of leftover boxes after moving into my new house. The only costs were about $50 in red duct tape and ignoring my wife for a few evenings. I since put a video of the contest on youtube and it’s gotten over 1.2-million views and now I get regular cheques from Google for the ads placed on my video. Everyone loves it… I hope you do to!!

For those of you that want to know how I made it, I took measurements of all my limbs and torso, then I used a 3d graphics program called Sketchup to draw the general shape of a sports car. I segmented the pieces according to where my joints would be and then figured out how to connect all the pieces so that I could move around. It took a lot of trial and error, but I got it eventually!

TIP: I used stretchy waist bands to hold the arm pieces to my body and also used bands to slip my feet into so that the leg piece would lift up when I walked. You’ll have to watch the video and look at pictures to figure out the rest!!

Video –