The body of the Stormtrooper costume is made of EVA foam that was Velcroed on to a spandex body suit which of course was custom made.  The helmet was modeled in clay then a mold was created and then the final helmet was cast in fiberglass, the bottom of the helmet is open with additional ventilation in the front and at the ears so she is still comfortable.

We started this project back in April and once the helmet was completed, Penny (the Stormtrooper), spent a lot of time training to wear the helmet.  Once we posted pictures online everyone wanted to know where we bought it, then they wanted to know if I sold them.  When we first posted them to Facebook at they shot around the world by Star Wars lovers.

This costume was inspired by our love of the original Star Wars trilogy!  Although these clones were known for their horrible aim they are beloved by many including our household.