I found an article on foam ideas and that spawned making this lightweight craft that appears to float. I also love the look of “Steampunk” and the “Time Machine” styling seen in movies. I went for a hovercraft that is supposed to be powered by Tesla Technology. The craft features lights and sound to help with the illusion.

I used 98% recycled materials including packing foam, plastic packaging, used campaign signs, old wood, Styrofoam, and other disposable odds and ends. I also found a couple of toy guns and game controllers at local thrift stores. I built in my spare time over the period of a month. I used a commercial glue gun to put it together. I made the jacket from an old suit coat and applied and painted thin foam material. The fake legs are fashioned from wood strips wrapped with foam and then covered with real pants. The knee pads are foam.

People are blown away by this costume! Folks of all ages and creeds are amazed by this costume. Most can not figure out how it is levitating across the floor. Many want to take pictures and ask questions about how I built it. I recently showed it at at Value Village thrift store and had amazing reaction.

This is an extremely detailed costume that appears to be extremely heavy but only weighs less than 20 lbs. It is suspended by an over the shoulder strap set-up and is quite easy to wear and move about. This costume looks extremely expensive but cost less to make than most thrift store purchased costumes. One of a kind as far as I can find online.