All of these costumes were pieced together by things that we found at a thrift store. The Ariel costume was a dress that we cut to look like a skirt. We added tulle all around to look like water, and we added foam to make the fin. Sebastian was made from a karate uniform, and we sewed foam into red fabric to make the shell and claws. King Trident was made from an old skirt with glittery fabric attached to it, and we cut the face out of a Santa Clause mask to make his hair. We spray painted a devils pitchfork gold to make it into his trident. The Ursala costume was made out of a floor length gown, it is hard to tell in the photos, but each of the tentacles moved separately from each other and floated when she walked.

These costumes were really fun to make because we were able to find just about everything in a thrift store for under $50 for all four costumes.