Awesome Last-Minute Costume that Won Me a Contest: Roller Girl from Boogie Nights

I was running out of time to pick a costume for Halloween. I was going through my closet when I stumbled upon a shirt I had from a clothing line called “porn star”. Thinking about what I could possibly do with that for a work-appropriate costume I remembered Boogie Nights! Cute 1970’s outfits, maybe something there. I opted to steal Heather Graham’s Rollergirl look because I thought wearing skates to work would be hilarious!

I had the shirt and the jean skirt. So I picked up a jean jacket to make it more 70’s. The socks are from American Apparel but I already had them from another costume. I found heart sunglasses online, borrowed a Polaroid camera, and ordered a pair of roller skates from the cheapest place I could find online.

Not only did I have a blast skating around the office but I won the costume contest!