Awesome Homemade Mr. and Mrs. PacMan and Ghost Dogs Family Costume

Our first Halloween party in our new house had to be memorable… So we came up with the perfect costumes! Mr. and Mrs. Pacman! Becoming the duo wasn’t too hard. We used hula hoops, covered them in yellow felt, and added the facial features using felt cutouts. Yellow sweatshirts and black sweat-pants under the costumes kept us warm.

The decision to include our two dogs as the ghosts was a last minute one, but turned out to be super easy. We bought red and blue fabric, cut a hole near the top for their heads, glued on googly eyes, and shredded the edges. The dogs weren’t too happy about it, but they looked adorable!

My tip for making this costume is buying hula hoops early! For some reason, hula hoops are not easy to find in the fall! I guess they’re more of a summer item in the stores.

You’re sure to get plently of compliments with this homemade Mr. and Mrs Pacman and Ghost dogs family costume! Who didn’t love playing PacMan!


Good Luck!!!

And our dogs as the ghosts

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