Awesome Homemade Lego Minifigure Couple Costume

I originally got this idea just off the internet and obviously thought it would be far easier to make than it actually was. Most of our costumes were made using using old cardboard boxes that I got from Wal-mart and string. Using a huge cylinder I bought from home depot, I cut each one with a saw a little taller than mine and my partner’s head, painted both of them white to cover the lettering then yellow to match the color of the Lego head.

Next I cut faces into the cylinders and proceeded to cut the boxes. After cutting a hole in the top of the boxes and holes for the arms, I placed boxes around our legs and feet then we were able to carry those using strings which wrapped around our shoulders like suspenders. Also using string to attach the arms to the shoulders of our Legos, we then put everything together and spray painted them in our own ways. The reactions we received were awesome! Needless to say, I was already proud of how they came out but we also ended up winning $200 in a couples contest. I’d say the hardest part was definitely waddling around all night through crowds like a duck and going to the restroom, hahaha. Hope you all like it as much as I did!