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Awesome Homemade Icee Costume

My 12 year old daughter wanted to be her favorite after-school treat this year, an Icee drink!

We started off with two white poster boards and two wire hangers. I bent the hangers into circles and glued on the poster board. I cut out holes for her arms, and added strips of red and blue fabric I had leftover in the garage.

I took the rest of the white poster board, and hand drew the bear logo and Too Cool and then cut them out and hot glued onto the costume. We took some blue and red tulle (I also had leftover) as the icee part, took an old headband and glued some on and that’s it!

The costume cost me only $1.00 to make it! All I had to buy were two white poster boards (2 for $1) :)

The costume was such a hit! Everyone loved it and I even had  someone place an order with me. I made another one just like this one for someone else! Only took me about 2 hours to make it! She also ended up winning 4 costume contests this year! 

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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