This awesome Bender and the Head of Lucy Liu Halloween couple costume was made by me, but let’s face it – Bender and Lucy were made for each other. Bender was made first and is constructed of cardboard, clothes hangers, LOTS of duct tape, aluminum foil, and old radio aerial, Styrofoam for the eyes and dryer vent material for the arms – cut at the armpits for mobility. The gloves were made from toilet paper rolls, old gloves and duct tape. All the rest is just make-up and personality. It took me about 3-4 evenings to get this guy built with a lot to adjusting for the costume to fit just right. But it was all worth it as this guy lasted two separate Halloweens so far.

Lucy Liu was put together quickly (48 hours). I was finishing it up the finer details before we left the house on the 31st! I eventually found clear stiff plastic that had blue protective film you could peel off; finding material like this was the biggest challenge, this blue film was easy to cut off to make it look like the head case was filled with water. The entire base is shaped, layered and painted cardboard. The name tag is fabric; I sewed to shape and stitched in the name. I used Velcro straps that wrap around my armpits to keep the entire unit in place. The best part of this costume is the name plate; it’s removable! Make another floating head name tag, stick it on and then slip this costume over your head to go as another Futurama character. The second biggest challenge was talking to people while wearing this; they had to shout down to me from the top. AND drinking my beverages, thank goodness for tall straws!

Both these costumes had a HUGE response; everyone wanted their picture taken with us along with a shout out from Bender! People really felt like they were our best friends while we wore these out. And never have I experience so much enthusiasm from people as Bender called out “Hey Meatbags”!