For the top of this Alice in Wonderland’s Red Queen adult costume, I bought a cheap white shirt to put under the black fabric. I used a sewing machine for the bodice of the shirt, and hand sewed the black fabric on top of the white shirt (on the sleeves). For the red ribbon on the sleeves I used fabric glue.

The part that took me the longest on the top was the triangle of detail on it. I put sheer black fabric over off white fabric and sewed that together. Then I sewed the red stripes on top, and hand beaded the beads on it.

For the skirt part, I had an old curtain that was not being used and I figured, ‘Why not!?’ I cut a heart in cardboard and used that as my guide to make the hearts. I used a sharpie to draw outlines around each heart.

All of items I bought were either purchased at Hobby Lobby or they were items I already had.