Cool Hot Air Balloon Costume

Coolest Hot Air Balloon Costume

My two year old loves hot air balloons. We live in an area where there are a lot of farms and there are many hot air balloon trips to see the beautiful farmlands. She calls them “up up and away”, this is the reason for the shirt. My husband who teaches special needs children to … Read more

Cool Kissing Booth Costume

Homemade Kissing Booth Costume

I made this Homemade Kissing Booth Costume for Halloween last year. Everyone loved the idea! The costume was very easy to make, I hot glued the satin material onto a box, make sure the box is not too wide or it is hard to move your arms. I also made sure the box was not … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mail Order Bride Costume Idea

Homemade Mail Order Bride Costume Idea

I am a fan of really original and fun Halloween costumes. This year I had a pretty strict budget and I really had to get the creative juices flowing. I came up with the homemade Mail Order Bride costume idea from a political cartoon I saw of a bride jumping out of a mailbox. I … Read more

Coolest Road Halloween Costume

Adult Road Halloween Costume

I took the Road Halloween Costume to an adult theme with a story. When you go 4×4’ing you go with friends, so I have a convoy. There was an accident were a deer got hit and they had to put cones in the lane to move traffic. The bulldozer has the deer and there is … Read more

Coolest John Deere Green Tractor Costume

Homemade John Deere Green Tractor Costume

My son, like others, is in love with John Deere tractors. So when he asked for a John Deere Green Tractor Costume for Halloween. I did some research and dove right in. I used two cardboard boxes, connected with paper tape. Then cardboard cut-out wheels and lots of green, yellow, and black paint. I used … Read more

Coolest Homemade Traffic Light Halloween Costume

Homemade Traffic Light Halloween Costume

This original Homemade Traffic Light Halloween Costume can be worn by either a child or an adult. My daughter and I have both worn it in the past. It’s won several first place prizes in costume contests. Just start out with a size-appropriate cardboard box. Cut out the bottom completely and place holes in the … Read more

Coolest Vending Machine Halloween Costume

Homemade Vending Machine Halloween Costume

Every year around mid August my mind is swirling with Halloween costume ideas for my kids. I just can’t bring myself to buy a polyester costume when I have enough crafty sassiness to create something memorable for my kids. So, with sheets of foam core in hand, spray paint, glue guns and a few other … Read more

Awesome Homemade Vending Machine Costume

Homemade Vending Machine Costume

My daughter decided she wanted a Homemade Vending Machine Costume so we found a big moving box and got started. We cut arm holes and a head hole. Then we spray painted the box black. We covered a vegetable carrying box with aluminum foil and then cut a hole just a little smaller than this … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Boot Costume

Homemade Cowboy Boot Costume

Last year I found out there was a costume contest at work and the prize was 50$, well me being the crafter that I am I thought I would enter. I knew in order to win I’d have to be something recognizable but something out of the ordinary. Well living in Texas I thought hey, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Running Fridge Costume

New: Misc > Wordplay > Running Fridge

I’m always running (training for my first marathon), always hungry and, since all the boxes at work seem to get stored next to my office,my friend and I put the 3 together and created the Coolest Homemade Running Fridge costume. We printed out pictures (for the inside of the fridge) and personalized the outside of … Read more

Coolest “Pot Brownie” Couple Costume

Coolest "Pot Brownie" Couple Costume

We came up with this “Pot Brownie” Couple Costume because we didn’t want the typical slutty costume. We wanted something funny and creative. We got the skirt and shirts from Value Village, bought the socks at Fred Meyer and went to Joanna fabrics and got green and brown fabric and felts. I already wear glasses … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mountie Costume

Coolest Homemade Mountie Costume

I wanted to be cute and original so this is how I came up with my homemade Mountie costume. I live in the Cayman Islands and Halloween is huge! There are also a TON of Canadians that live here. I also work for a radio station, we throw a massive Costume party in the lobby … Read more

Coolest Homemade Safari Tour Guide Costume

Homemade Safari Tour Guide Costume

For ninth grade school spirit week on extreme weather day, I wanted to stand out in the crowd (besides being 6’4″). Instead of wearing the average rain poncho or ski suit, I went with the hot and dry desert clothing and made a Homemade Safari Tour Guide Costume. The walking stick, aviator sunglasses, and cowboy … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bad Yearbook Photo Costume

Homemade Bad Yearbook Photo Costume

This is not original but I wanted to submit it so people could see another version of a costume you already have on here. I could not figure out how to make the box work (like the original) so I simply cut out a “frame” from a cardboard box, taped it very securely (with heavy … Read more

Coolest Twin Boy Cowboy and Indian Costumes

Twin Boy Cowboy and Indian Costumes

These Cowboy and Indian costumes were for my twins, I basically put together the cowboy costume from different items I searched for and bought, some retail and some thrift store. I am not a big fan of out-of-the-bag costumes and never have been. I did make the Indian costume, I just purchased a suede looking … Read more

Coolest White Trash Bride and Groom Costume

Homemade White Trash Bride and Groom Costume

This Homemade White Trash Bride and Groom Costume idea originated from CMT’s “White Trash Wedding”. The bride found her wedding dress and veil in the closet of a close family member. She created her bouquet from artificial flowers found at a local department store. She crushed beer cans and slid them onto the stems. Her … Read more

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

My daughter came home from preschool one day singing “Farmer in the Dell” and the idea just clicked. My husband works on computers and Dell is a well known name in our house so this Farmer In The Dell Costume was just too funny. I started out by cutting a circle in the top of … Read more

2nd Grade Picture Day Costume


I decided to be myself for Halloween! My mom still has a picture of me around the house with my mullet (it was the 80’s) and pink sweater with the laser background. Everyone always thought i looked ridiculous, but I was honestly really hip as a 2nd grader. I decided I would bring back the … Read more

Coolest Trailer to Her Trash Couple Costume

Homemade Trailer to Her Trash Couple Costume

I have been coming to your website for the last two years to help me come up with ideas for Halloween costumes. I will have to say that I always get comments on how cool they are and how did I come up with that. This year I was able to come up with a … Read more

Awesome Homemade Batgirl Costume – Holy Bat Droppings!

Cool Batgirl Costume

Great Gotham! It’s a day before Halloween and we need a Batgirl costume fast! This costume was created in a couple of hours. After seeing my girlfriend disappointed because a Dorothy Costume didn’t fit her, I began to brainstorm a possible solution. Going back to my childhood, it suddenly hit me like a Riddler’s riddle … Read more

Coolest Homemade Adult Streaker Halloween Costume Idea 10


This was the cheapest yet best costume to wear on Halloween to an adult outing (like club where you stand the entire time). Materials needed to make this homemade adult Streaker Halloween costume idea: -Apple box (ask local grocery store for an extra box), -Matte black paint, -stickers that say “CENSORED”(easily order from local craft … Read more

Coolest Tooth Fairy and Tooth Couple Costume


Here’s a cool couple costume idea. This is my daughter as the tooth fairy and my son as her tooth! We had so much fun with this couple costume! First, I bought a white sheet and drew the shape of a tooth on it. Next, cut 4 pieces to have a front and back. Sew … Read more

Coolest R2D2 Costume Idea Ever

r2d2 costume

This R2D2 costume was so much fun to make. My oldest son was Darth Vader and my youngest son was Yoda, so keeping with the Star Wars theme I had to come up with a character for my middle son. I kept searching for something to catch my eye, but none of the store costumes … Read more