Top 9 Prize-Winning DIY Group Halloween Costumes

If you’re planning a group costume, take a look at these prize-winning group Halloween costumes. They all won prizes in real contests and they’re sure to give you a few ideas and inspiration as you plan your won group costume. 1. Matryoshka/Russian Nesting Dolls Group Costume This group costume is proof that you can get … Read more

11 Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

cheap halloween costume ideas for women

With these cheap Halloween costume ideas for women, you can go retro as a Rubik’s cube or vintage as the iconic World War II Rosie the Riveter Rockwell painting. In addition, you can showcase your daring feminine side in a sexy bubble bath costume – just don’t let anyone burst your bubbles – or go green … Read more

Top 10 Contest-Winning Halloween Couples Costumes

Whether you’re teaming up with your significant other or a good friend, these Halloween couples costumes will get you started on your own DIY costume project. Even better, this list will show you what it takes to make a costume that can bring home the coolest Halloween couples prize. 1. Awesome Homemade Red Queen and … Read more

Top 11 All-Girl DIY Halloween Group Costumes

So, you and your squad can’t agree on a costume. Instead of arguing, bring everyone together with the awesome Halloween group costumes on this page! Unique, hilarious and sexy in an understated way,  your only decision will be which photo to post on Instagram.   1. Creative Shark Week Girls Group Costume Here’s a great … Read more

Top 10 Contest-Winning Homemade Character Costumes

If you are looking for some awesome ideas for Homemade Character Costumes, you have come to the right place! From Slimer to Iron Man, we have so many different character costumes you can choose from! Take your pick! 1. Awesome Homemade Slimer Costume from Ghostbusters Rather than take the obvious character options for costumes, Kelly … Read more

35+ Coolest Baby Costume Ideas

What’s the most important aspect of a perfect baby costume? Comfort! Hands down. If your baby isn’t comfortable in their costume, they’re not going to have any fun. And neither are you. So, along with creating an adorable, cute and easy-to-make costume for your baby, you’re going to want the costume to cuddle your baby … Read more

23 Awesome Blue-Haired Marge Simpson Costume Ideas

If you are looking to stand out on Halloween, what better way than make yourself a Marge Simpson Costume? With her Giant blue hair, popping eyes and yellow skin, you wouldn’t be missed anywhere you go! If you’re going with your family you can all go as the Simpsons family together! D’oh! 1. Sexy Playboy … Read more

15 Coolest Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

These “fetching” dog Halloween costume ideas are proof positive that adult humans cannot compete with babies and pets for the coveted Awwwwwww! Awards. In fact, the costumed canine characters pictured below are so sigh worthy that they will launch you into cuteness overload as soon as you set your eyes on them. For instance, just … Read more

10 Prize-Winning Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Coolest Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

All these baby Halloween costume ideas won a prize at a local costume contest! Baby G. appears ready to go up, up and away in his custom hot air balloon costume, while little April looks too sweet to eat as a giant Stay Puft marshmallow. From cupcakes to bookworms, and sweet peas to dragons, you’ll … Read more

10 Best Sexy Costumes for Couples

best sexy costumes for couples

With some the best sexy costumes ideas, you’ll be able to express your inner Avatars by painting your bodies in blue and silver latex. Create “grown up” sexy versions of your favorite childhood characters like Donald and Daisy Duck, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm or Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Or, go to the dark side with … Read more