Top 10 DIY Infant Toddler Halloween Costumes for Under $20

When dreaming up a costume idea for your little one, you need to make sure they are comfortable, easy to maneuver in, and will keep them warm on a chilly Halloween eve. Here are more Infant Toddler Halloween Costumes:   1. Little Homemade Boo Costume Everyone told Margarita that her daughter looked like Boo. And … Read more

Top 10 Sexy Womens Halloween Costumes for a Couple

sexy womens halloween costumes

Halloween is the best time to get your sexy costumes out and no one can judge you! When its Halloween, less is more is acceptable! Here are some of our great Sexy Womens Halloween Costumes.   1. Coolest Sexy Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes Elizabeth and her best friend don’t buy store costumes, they … Read more

Top 11 DIY Family Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Don’t let a tight budget ruin your fun. These family Halloween costume ideas make it easy to strut your stuff in style with a few dollars and some creative recycling. Who knew a few boxes, tape, and wrapping paper could be turned into an amazing life-sized Tetris game.  Or that a small quantity of fabric, felt … Read more

Top 11 DIY Funny Dog Costumes

funny dog costumes

Your dog wants to go trick or treating for Halloween too! These funny dog costumes will definitely receive more candies, just make sure your pet is comfortable and don’t force it! You want them to enjoy it as much as you do. 1. Coolest Commercial Divas Pet Dog Costumes This awesome dog owner knew she needed … Read more

Top 11 Last-Minute Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups

sexy halloween costume ideas

Girl groups looking for last-minute sexy Halloween costume ideas will find lots of inspiration from this section. Boy groups looking for sexy girl groups will also probably enjoy browsing through this collection.   1. Hot Taco Bell Sauces Girls Group Costume Once they figured out what they’d be, Lindsay and her friends put together this … Read more

Top 12 Prize-Winning Women Halloween Costumes

The women Halloween costumes in this collection all won prizes at local costume contests. They will all serve as great inspiration on your quest for a perfect costume to make and also one that has potential to win a prize at Halloween costume contests you’ll be attending.   1. Awesome Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters … Read more

Top 13 DIY Funny Adult Halloween Costumes for Men

funny adult Halloween costumes

From downright shocking to ROFL hilarious, these funny adult Halloween costumes will be the topic of water cooler conversations for days, or even weeks, after Halloween. There’s no doubt you’ll be the center of attention when you walk into a party dressed in one of these outfits. Talk about breaking the ice. There are no … Read more

Top 13 DIY Funny Couples Costumes

funny couples costumes

Halloween is the perfect holiday for couples to bond, and plus, a two person costume is twice as awesome. We know it is hard to find funny couples costumes, so we gathered some for you here!   1. Hilarious Deer in Headlights Couple Costume Jamie from Acushnet, MA made this awesome Deer Costume for her … Read more

Top 13 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

If you’ve got to pull off a last minute Halloween costume for a couple, and you need some inspiration, the costume ideas below will get you off to fast start. Most of these ideas can be put together with items you’ll find around the house. 1. Cool Couple Costume: “Guess Who” We Were for Halloween? … Read more

Top 13 Optical Illusion Unique Halloween Costumes for Kids

unique halloween costumes for kids

If you are looking for unique Halloween Costumes for kids, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the most original, unusual and fun costume ideas for your kids, Enjoy! 1. Original Halloween Pinocchio Costume Idea Made by Gail from League City, Texas Oh, but Pinocchio is a real boy! It may … Read more

Top 20 DIY Pregnancy and Maternity Halloween Costumes

An expecting belly can make for some really fun and original maternity Halloween costumes. Think of it as you’re soon-to-be born’s first Halloween costume and a rare opportunity to have a costume “prop” that no one else has. You can disguise your belly, color it, show it off, incorporate a special pun like “Bump” or … Read more