Coolest Homemade CarnEvil Ringleader Costume

ringleader costume

So the theme for my party this year was CarnEVIL! This was so much fun! We had almost no clowns show up and everyone got super creative! Being it was my party, I decided to go in a ringleader costume! Making my Carnevil Ringleader Costume This costume more came together than was made. I bought … Read more

Easy Last Minute It’s Raining Men Costume

So every year I do a theme party for Halloween. This year, the theme was “Name that Tune”. It was a super fun theme, but as usual, getting ready for the party didn’t leave a lot of time to finish my costume! I decided to do “It’s Raining Men” because it was fairly easy to … Read more

Last-Minute Shooting Star Costume

Last-Minute Shooting Star Costume

I was looking for something different and fun to go as for my Halloween party this year, and Shooting Star just sounded like fun! I always like to have a fun prop, whether its nerf guns, a funny hat or whatever, just something to have fun with! This was pretty easy to put together as … Read more