Coolest Group Madonna Costume

Homemade Group Madonna Costume

The Group Madonna Costume is different versions of Madonna. Madonna has many different looks, so we tried to pick the looks that were most easily recognized. Everyone loved this group idea and it was a big hit! This is the first year the group did a group themed costume. These are the different Madonnas in … Read more

Coolest Clue Characters Group Costume

Homemade Clue Characters Group Costume

The Clue Characters Group Costume is different characters from the classic movie and board game Clue. The group includes: Bosworth, Mr Green, Mrs Peacock, Yvette, Professor Plum, Mrs. O, Miss Scarlett and Mrs. White. The guests at the party LOVED this idea and the movie was playing on all the TV during the party. It … Read more

Coolest Miss USA Contestants Costumes

Homemade Miss USA Contestants Costumes

A group of us girls throw a Halloween party every year, which started 4 years ago. This is the second year. We were all different Miss USA contestantsand these are our Miss USA Contestants Costumes. We each were the following states: Miss New York, Miss Virgina, Miss Florida, Miss Hawaii, Miss Alaska, Miss Nevada, Miss … Read more