Coolest Homemade Owl in a Tree Costume

Homemade Owl in a Tree Costume

I dressed up in a Owl in a Tree Costume for Halloween one year. I made a mask out of paper plates, feathers, etc. To make my face into the owl, and I glued bark and leaves onto a cardboard box to make the tree. I got lots of comments when I wore this to … Read more

Coolest Sunmaid Raisin Girl Costume

Sunmaid Raisin Girl Costume

This Sunmaid Raisin Girl Costume won me a cash prize in a costume contest at my college! This costume was also pretty easy to make- white t-shirt, blue ribbon, yellow posterboard, fake grapes in a basket, and black hairspray (since my hair is light brown). The only tricky part was making the bonnet, but I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Playing Cards Costumes

Homemade Playing Cards Costumes

My roommate and I dressed up as the Playing Cards Costumes from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland who were ‘painting the roses red.’ The costumes were really easy to make. The cards were made out of pillowcases and felt, and I made the buckets out of cardboard and duct tape. I’m wearing a ski mask and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Flying Carpet Rider Costume

Homemade Flying Carpet Rider Costume

I got all of the materials at either the thrift store or the hardware store for this Flying Carpet Rider Costume. I started by cutting a hole in the carpet, then nailing it to a wooden frame. I made the frame a little shorter than the carpet so that it would ‘ripple.’ I then cut … Read more