Coolest Homemade Sweet Pea Costume

Homemade Sweet Pea Costume

My daughter couldn’t decide what she wanted to be this Halloween until one day I was eating peas in pasta at a restaurant and an idea came to me. I researched how to make a good Homemade Sweet Pea Costume online but I couldn’t find very much so had to come up with this costume … Read more

Coolest Homemade Crayola Crayons Group Costume

Homemade Crayola Crayons Costumes

These Crayola Crayon costumes were made entirely by 3 university students. We borrowed a sewing machine from friends of ours and made 3 dresses in different colours. We then bought black felt and cut out strips to create the squiggles. We cut out an oval and cut the crayola sign out of it. We glued … Read more