Coolest Prince Charming Costume

Homemade Prince Charming Costume

To make the Prince Charming Costume all I had to do was get him a grey pair of tights. Buy a baggy blue T-Shirt, cut off his sleeves, cut the neck larger, and cut the sides off the shirt. Then wear a white long sleeve shirt underneath. With the red material I glue gunned on … Read more

Coolest Woman’s T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

Homemade Woman's T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

RAWR! This year I decided to be a dinosaur for Halloween so I could spend the entire night RAWRING! I didn’t buy a single thing to make this Woman’s T-Rex Dinosaur Costume but instead had it lying around the house. Step one: to make the shape of the mouth I used a plastic container, the … Read more

Coolest Mr. Snowball Costume

Homemade Mr. Snowball Costume

Mr.Snowball was used a promotion device for a formal. After a couple failed plans he finally came to life by, taking white fabric and getting the round shape off a yoga ball, and glue gunning it fabric into shape. Then glueing it down to cardboard and stuffed it with newspaper. I did this twice. Then … Read more