Coolest Homemade Working iPhone Costumes

Homemade Working iPhone Costumes

TAMPA, FLA., Reko Rivera (Right) John Savio (Left)World’s first ” Homemade Working iPhone Costumes” created by Reko Rivera and John Savio. Specifications are 42″ Display, 1.5 Hours of Battery Life, 85 lb and the “real” iPhone can charge connected to the USB on the display. The two costumes have 3 batteries each with a total … Read more

Coolest Homemade Working iPhone 4 Costume

Homemade Working iPhone 4 Costume

TAMPA, FLA., John Savio (Center), Abigail Gardner (Featured as Apple Employee) This year they’re back at it again. John Savio and Reko Rivera went their separate ways. John created the upgraded rendition of the iPhone 4 featured here at 10x to scale, complete with a 40″ LED LCD Panel, a Jailbroken iPhone 4, VGA out … Read more