Cool DIY Wendy’s Hamburger and Fries Pet and Owner Costume

Wendy's Hamburger and Fries

When your name is Wendy and you have natural red hair there is really only one costume option for you! I’ve been wanting to create this costume for a long time, but I needed the right accomplices. It all started when I saw the blue striped, puffy sleeve blouse for sale at The Gap. After … Read more

Funny Pet Dog Costumes: No Twerking Please…

Funny Pet Dog Costumes: No Twerking Please...

Coco the Wonder dog and Juno the Magnificent wanted this year’s costume to be provocative so they decided to go as Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke from the infamous 2013 VMA Award show. Says Coco, “I find twerking to be quite fun, I do it all the time at the Bark Park”. Juno prefers to … Read more

Coolest DIY Pizza Halloween Costume Idea

DIY Pizza Halloween Costume Idea

One slice or two? It’s become a wacky family tradition to design matching costumes for my daughter and the dog. This year we didn’t feel like cooking so… pizza! Here’s our DIY pizza Halloween costume idea: The slices are made using foam that we purchased at a fabric store. For the big slice, we cut … Read more

Coolest Homemade Turkey Dog Costume

Homemade Turkey Dog Costume

Why let the costume fun and at Halloween? Turkey dog anyone? Coco is a therapy dog, he visits patients weekly and this Homemade Turkey Dog Costume really brightened their day. To make this costume I purchased a brown harness with a tight fit. I cut and glued foam feathers together and attached them to the … Read more