“Ask Zoltar” Fortune Telling Machine Costume Idea

After watching the movie, Big, with Tom Hanks, I decided to make my husband the “Ask Zoltar” fortune machine for our 2011 Halloween Party. This costume got a lot of great feedback and it wasn’t too time consuming to put together.  Most of it was done in the course of one day.

The machine itself was made out of a large rectangular box as the base and then framed using wood trim purchased at a home store.  The framing was then covered with construction paper, poster board and bulletin board trim.  I used my sister’s Cricut machine for the lettering.  The quarter slide is just a decorative wood piece we found at Menards or Lowe’s.  The “25” cent sign is a garage sale sticker we had left over from a previous garage sale.

We also purchased battery operated tea lights for a dramatic effect.  The only thing we did not make ourselves was the hat, which was purchased at a Halloween store online.  However, I am sure it could be easily made with some inexpensive fabric and stuffing.

To get into the box we made sure the back was left off so my husband could easily get in and out of it.

For added creativity, we had small paper fortunes printed and would give them to guests as they went up to the machine and made a wish.  To be funny, my husband even wrote out some on the spot.