Armored Elf Mage Costume

Being a gamer and a fantasy lover, I always dreamt of being an Elf warrior.

Head to toe in armor, vicious yet beautiful, the striking features of these mystical creatures captured my imagination from very young.

Snoring through my Facebook timeline, reading the usual drama and mundane of people’s existence, I came up one a picture of a cosplayer fully decked in elven armor. Relentlessly stalking  time line…. I found out this wonderful creative person actually made the entire outfit themselves.

A light bulb went off in my head..”I will become a magical Elf warrior”. But how?

Night and day I watched tutorials, read books on how to for dummies and eventually decided to make my own Elf armor.

Wrapping myself in masking tape, *Please note don’t tape directly to skin, yes I speak from personal experience.

FIrst I wrapped in cling film and then covered the film with masking tape (yes you will lose inches by sweating). I then drew the pattern onto myself.

Cutting each pattern, I laid them onto of EVA foam (floor mats) and cut out the shapes to the size I wanted.

Using a heat gun, I molded the shapes and bends (holding the pieces in its desired shape until cooled. (At this point you’ll be able to do gymnastics)

Cutting out designs with craft foam, I was able to add detailing using a glue gun (use with caution  … Hot, hot, hot

Once I had all my armor pieces assembled, I primed them all with gloss mod podge and then painted, and painted and painted and painted… Yes ALOT of painting.

The fitting

I used Velcro to attach and close all my pieces… Mmm yes

Putting it on was a struggle as the back armor was difficult to reach but Velcro likes Velcro so they found each other and sealed..

After 1000 selfies, I decided I should probably get out of my costume to breath.

As I previously mentioned the back pieces were attached via Velcro and they fell in love, no matter how good I got at aerobics at this point, I could not get out of my costume.

After and hour of fighting to get out of my costume, half in tears, melting from the heat, I sat down and accepted I will die as a fantastical armored Elf.

Needless to say, I survived and was able to proudly wear my Armored Elf costume with pride.


Armored Elf Mage Costume

Armored Elf Mage Costume

Armored Elf Mage Costume

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