I am all about couple or family group costumes. This year dad wasn’t able to join us but me and my little boy went together anyways. I did some treasure hunting at local thrift and second hand stores and truly came up with some jems!  I already had the basics, jackets, boots etc. what I needed was accessories. Scarves, hats and goggles. I found an online pattern for the aviator goggles and made them out of a pair of thrift store sunglasses (popped the lenses out) and some faux leather from a hideous pair of pleather metallic thrift store pants ( I cut up and used the material).

I also found my pants (stirrup leggings lol) at the thrift store along with my son’s ear flap hat and gloves and scarves. For his Red Baron airplane we recycled old Huggies boxes and used red spray paint and duct tape. My hair is shoulder length so to achieve the allusion of Amelia’s short hair I did pin curls all over my head and left them pinned. I went all out with the makeup and especially eyelashes (used two pair of falsies). I even found an adhesive mustache for the Red Baron…everyone loved our costumes.