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Amazing Rocket Power Group Costume

Many 90s kids will remember the skater cartoon Rocket Power that was on Nickelodeon years ago. This Halloween we finally decided to put together a costume we had been talking about for years.

There were four characters to create for this costume; I’ll list them in order of difficulty to make. In total, including shopping for the materials we probably spent a total of 2.5 hours working on the costumes. Since we were able to mostly use clothing we already had we saved a ton of money. I listed prices of things we did actually purchase for our costumes.

For the Otto costume:

  • “Scary clown wig” from the Halloween store (could also use red hair spray if you have wild hair already) $20.
  • Green headband from the craft store $3.
  • Yellow t-shirt from the craft store $3.
  • Red shorts.
  • Sneakers.

For the Reggie costume:

  • Purple wig from the craft store $4.
  • Camo pants (could use leggings or green cargo pants as well).
  • Pink t-shirt from the craft store $3.
  • Yellow Rocket appliqué glued onto shirt (cut out from yellow felt) 79 cents.
  • Any color sneakers.

For the Twister costume:

  • Gray or white T-shirt.
  • Blue tank to go over white T-shirt (we dyed this shirt with fabric dye because it was white originally) about $8 for shirt and dye from the craft store.
  • Cargo shorts.
  • Brown scaly cap (the cap was covered in brown and mustard colored duct tape purchased at a craft store to achieve the similar hat the character wears) $6.
  • Orange embroidery thread from the craft store glued to the front of the hat as a tuft of hair .49 cents x2 (only because we lost the thread the first time we bought it. almost had to go a third time because I burnt myself using the hot glue gun and got the pieces all tangled, we were able to salvage some. Be careful.

For the Squid costume:

  • Yellow shirt from the craft store $3
  • Red duct tape for the N on the front of the shirt
  • Baggy jeans
  • Glasses (luckily our friend already wears glasses anyway maybe He’s just meant to be squid)
  • Sneakers (I think sandals and shoes would have been better “shoobie” for anyone who remembers the show)

Shark helmet:

  • Plain gray helmet ordered online.
  • Red and gray acrylic paint from craft store.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • White foam paper for the shark teeth (could use white paint instead).
  • Cardboard (we used recycled cardboard from a shoe box).

1. Paint a red semi circle on the bottom of the front of the helmet for the inside of the Sharks mouth
2. After the paint dries either paint small triangles or hot glue triangle cutouts from white foam paper onto the mouth to arrange the shark’s teeth
3. Cut out 1 large shark fin for the top of the helmet and 2 for the sides. Paint all three pieces gray and let dry. After they dry use a generous amount of hot glue to apply them onto the helmet.
4. Paint or glue eyes onto the helmet above the mouth.
5. Play the jaws theme song while you run around the room wearing the helmet.

We brought out rollerblades and a skateboard to add on as props for our costumes, although I’m terrible at roller blading so I didn’t actually wear mine.

To start the night we went out in costume to our favorite fast food Mexican place for three dollar burritos (obviously) and the reactions we got from customers and employees were amazing! People instantly knew who we were. Then we we met up with friends who were shocked and really enjoyed the effort we out into our group costume. To end the night we went to Boston and many people came up to us excited to see our nostalgic costume.

So happy we finally put our dream costume to life!

Amazing Rocket Power Group Costume

Amazing Rocket Power Group Costume

Amazing Rocket Power Group Costume

Amazing Rocket Power Group Costume

Amazing Rocket Power Group Costume

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