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Amazing Homemade Viktor The Machine Herald Cyborg Costume

This costume from start to finish was a 3 month endeavor in which I had to learn the basics of robotics and 3D modeling. I love costuming and always try to make the characters I love while adding cool and creative features to bring them fully to life.

To replicate the armor on the character, I went with eva foam which I primed with Liquid rubber and Painted with my airbrush. For the cape, I used a polyester suiting blend from JoAnns which I lined with satin and sewed on grey vinyl Trim for the back design. I even made my own bodysuit with a stretch fabric and went through the trouble of learning how to use a serger machine!

The robotic arm and hand was the most difficult but fun part. I 3D modeled all the pieces, sanded them smooth, painted and then assembled. The hand itself actually moves via 4 Bluetooth controlled servo motors which I programmed on arduino software. The palm of the hand also lights up!

For the staff, I once again modeled and printed the pieces. The staff lights up in 4 different colors and I even programmed 3 light animations to go along with it! The gem at the top of the staff also spins on a small motor (again programmed by me) and I can adjust the speed via a toggle. I even added a voice changer to the mask to give the character a robotic tone when I speak.

As for the most difficult part of the costume, I think it would have to be attaching everything to myself. The armor attaches with snaps and the arm/hand is bolted onto a harness system I made from belting and plastic. Because of the arm’s size it was difficult to figure out how to wear it but after trial and error I finally figured it out!

I couldn’t be more proud of this costume and I’m so happy with how my hard work came together in the end.

Viktor- The Machine Herald

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