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Amazing Homemade Sea Creature Costume

Back in March I was prescribed a medicine that made my hair start to fall out. My hair is naturally long and thick, but it was coming out in such handfuls that I declared to my doctor, “I’m going to be bald by Halloween!” He is a very loving and humorous guy, so when he replied, “No, you’ll have lots of long stringy areas left by then, it’ll be great for your costume.” With that I thought of what I might actually look like, add a little slime and some seaweed and I’ll look like something that got dredged up from the bottom of the lake.

Through the summer I tossed around the idea, looked around on Pinterest for ideas and found only one that I actually “snagged”.  The pantyhose over the hands to make webbed fingers.  COOL! I bought three pair of cream colored pantyhose from the dollar store – dyed them green and went to work. I cut one leg off to “practice” my face, Since all of my hair hadn’t fallen out by Halloween, I gathered my very thin hair into about eight stringy ponytails.

I pulled that green hose leg over my face, then took scissors to my eyes!  YES, SCISSORS TO MY EYES! I cut little slits that opened up on their own, then cut one for my mouth, it opened up too much. HA, big mouth!

After that I nipped tiny holes everywhere that the ponytails were, then drug the tail out and took the hair tie off. I stood in the shower and sprayed my lovely hair green. Then I slimed gel into each tail. It was gross. PERFECT! I also spot sprayed some of the hair and some of my face with the green and some grey hairspray. It was easier than using eye shadow everywhere.

For clothes, I just wore dark colored WARM stuff (yeah, it was sleeting and snowing here.) I put five “creepy cloths” from the dollar store as my nets, then tied seashells, de-hooked fishing  lures and “seaweed” (raffia that I had dyed green (with the same pantyhose dye.)

For my skin, I put the pantyhose on my arms and legs, then glued some seriously long fingernails to three fingers and painted them sage green. I decided that I might need my thumbs to hand out candy – and my pinkies didn’t matter much. lol!

For my feet, I put on extra socks because it was so stinkin’ cold out then put on tall rubber boots, how fitting.

My lips looked so boring, but didn’t have any black lipstick, so I just used liquid eyeliner to make them HUGE and black! I used dollar store “zombie teeth” to make me look threatening. Let me suggest to you if you ever use them: Try them on and shape them to the inside of your mouth by clipping them here and there so that they form fit to your teeth and gums. Then I called my aunt for a shot of Fixodent! Yep, that was the most disgusting part of my whole costume, but those teeth STAYED! Not bad for a buck! I have to admit, it was a good thing that I wasn’t hungry or thirsty, because there was simply no consumption once those teeth were in and the webbed hands were on.

At the last minute I decided to add swim goggles. Lovely, just lovely!

I had a BLAST being so darned ugly, and I only made one kid cry! LOL. Everyone who asked my name, I simply said: “Dredge”. It worked!

Amazing Homemade Sea Creature Costume

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