Amazing Baymax Cosplay Costume

So our boy loves big hero 6 and really wanted to be his hero Baymax for Halloween.

So then the challenge began, hours of researching cosplay techniques and tutorials on how to take a simple foam floor mat and turn it into a shinny metallic looking piece of armor fit to stand the heaviest battles.

I searched the internet for inspiration from other cosplay enthusiasts for ideas and templates but could not find anything quite right for a small child’s Baymax build.

I was so lost I decided to give my first cosplay armour build a shot. Going free hand with one of Lewis’ baymax figures for a guide.

I began my freehand drawing and marking out the basic shapes, heating them with My newly acquired heat gun, bending into shape then hot gluing together.

After construction of the shapes I set to coating (painstakingly) multiple coats of PVA glue to give a nice shinny harder ed seal on the armor before priming with several coats of plastic primer.

Even with all the research I greatly underestimated just how many spray cans of paint and primer I would go through, my advice before painting. Find your colour make sure they have plenty of stock, the. Just buy it all!

I had to arrange numerous revisits and call in favours for collection of yet more paint. Also if you can, avoid having to paint at night in the dark with only a halogen lamp guiding you, its not fun!

I have also discovered its very easy to cut yourself when cutting out your shapes from the foam after a full day of work then home to work on the costume working through to 2am.

When you start to see the finished product start to come together and you get to do the official fitting before sending him off to his school party its all worth it, when you see other kids jaws drop asking “who that?” “I think its the real Baymax” And when Lewis came home saying kids where saying he was famous it made my night.

In conclusion if you have the patience and time then its a great option for a really realistic costume and your kid will definitely become your number 1 fan, but it is time consuming and not the cheapest option. All in all I am delighted with how it turned out and am looking at the next projects already.

Amazing Baymax Cosplay Costume

Amazing Baymax Cosplay Costume