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The Amazing 10′ Bumblebee Costume!

This is a 10 foot bumblebee transformer costume that took me about one and a half years to finish. I was inspired by the movie ” Transformers The Last Knight”.

I wanted to make sure it looked movie like and not just a regular size costume. I first had to download images of the actual transformer from the movie, making sure i got different angles of it in order to make an almost exact replica. I then bought materials such as eva foam mats, hot glue sticks, glue gun, blades and many other materials throughout the building process.

I had to measure, draw every piece onto the eva foam mats, cut them out and glue them together. Once I was done building the entire suit I had to build some stands to put inside the legs that would withstand my weight and at the same time be able to walk in it. Once the suit was complete I then primed the suit and painted it with acrylic paints.

What was tedious of this whole process was all the small details I put on the entire suit to get a close replica. The painting process took me a whole week which was probably the easiest part of it all. I really didn’t know how it was going to look all put together so I was hoping that every part I had made was going to look proportionate.

I then had someone help me try it on and long and behold I had achieved my goal. Now it was time to show it off so I ended up taking it to a local event and the reaction I got from people was what I expected. Some people were freaking out and many kids were a bit scared since it did like an actual transformer.

It was an awesome experience to know that I was able to put a smile on many kids and even adults alike. Well, that’s my story for this bumblebee transformer build.

The Amazing 10' Bumblebee Costume

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