I was unsure what to be for Halloween at first. I’ve always liked Alice and Wonderland, so I started thinking it would be really neat if I could create my own Alice in Wonderland house. I knew right away it had to be light weight, of course cardboard would be the best choice. I wanted to give the illusion that Alice grew to big for the house.

I first had to find a large cardboard box, not hard to find, then I started to shape the box, then decided exactly where I would make my cut outs and place the front door and windows. I first painted the cardboard white, let it dry over night, next made my cut outs for my arms and face then placed some hard foam inside at the top of the house so the house could rest on it.

After that I started to make the roof where it looks like shingles. I then used a glue gun to add the shingles then painted the roof and started painting the grass and flowers and door. I also added a chimney and instead of adding the rabbit at the door had him coming out of the chime and added a small drawing of a clock.  Even thought it seems pretty simple it took time but was a lot of fun!  Hope you like it.