The girls wanted to do a group costume and it was difficult to find an age appropriate one! Since the girls enjoyed Slurpees they decided to do a Slurpees costume and each go as a different flavor.  After doing some research on line what we saw was not adequate for what our daughters wanted.  So after stopping at 7-11 for some ideas we decided to use a collapsible laundry basket as the base for our cup.

The girls were small enough to fit inside, it allowed them to layer up if the weather was cool and it wasn’t to wide for their arm span. We then drew out the swirls for each “cup” and using fabric glue put them in place. We were able to find Slurpee font looking online in which we downloaded the letters we needed and enlarged them to the correct size. We then cut them out in white and glued them onto purple felt. We then glued these onto the yellow felt but for added support sewed them in place. We then attached the yellow felt to the laundry basket using spray glue and sewing the top and bottom in place.

The head and arm holes were then cut next. The Slurpee was made out of pillow batting and spray painted to the flavor that the girls chose. We allowed these to dry for 2 days before attaching them to the “cup”. For the straw we spray painted an old curtain rod and swirled it using athletic tape. We secured these by cutting a small hole in the back of the laundry basket and then wiring them in place. We then spray glued the batting into place.

I do have to say they were the cutest Slurpees ever! And we got a ton of compliments!